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Also known as Cryptography is the practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of adversaries, or in practical terms, a method of storing and transmitting data in a particular form so that only those, for whom it is intended, can read and process it.
Our Subject Matter Experts consist of programmers and network engineers who provide the backbone and complement our team of business, marketing and research specialists specific to the crypto industry. If your business is providing or benefitting from “crypto" solutions or leveraging the Blockchain for new applications we have the core technology and experts to provide a full spectrum of services to support, enhance, or supplement your payment processing and “crypto” related needs.


Our team consists of Blockchain, Payment and Digital Currency experts who assist our clients to invent and create new applications based upon Blockchain technology. We go beyond digital currency, and implement Blockchain into many verticals including supply chain, gaming, and environmental applications just to name a few.

Wallet Security

We provide an encryption platform with the highest level of security that meets the compliance requirements of the Payment and Healthcare industries as well as Governmental regulations. Our wallet technology is more secure than the virtual wallet and more practical and efficient than a hardware while still having online accessibility. For more information on how to build your wallet on the crypto-studio platform contact us here.

Managed Services

Crypto-Studio operates around the clock to ensure your IT environment runs smoothly and efficiently. We use a combination of proactive remote monitoring, automated system management, and on-site network support. We provide 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC), Security Operations Center(SOC) and Service Desk, we keep a close eye on your IT infrastructure to keep it running at peak performance 24 hours a day in the hosting facility of your choosing.

Next Gen Cold Storage

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized which means no banks or middlemen controlling your currency, but with this benefit comes great responsibility. If you do not handle your security properly and secure your cryptocurrency, you could suffer losses. Our cutting edge solutions will help protect your customers from crypto currency theft at the highest level. Typically online wallets are prone to hackers, because they are online. Hardware or “cold storage” wallets reduce risk as your currencies are stored offline on a device. Problem there is if you lose your device and the passphrase keywords required for recovery, you just lost your money! We provide the most secure wallet platform for you to integrate into your wallet application which encompasses the user-friendly, flexibility of a virtual online wallet and the extra security characteristically provided by having offline storage.

How the Encryption Platform works

EaaS | Encryption as a Service for Crypto Currency

The sandbox allows you to complete your integration into our Encryption Platform. You have access to all the services available in the production environment and can use the web services to request encryption key-parts to be generated and stored within our tamper resistant lock box. Once you have your keys you will be able to encrypt your data (cryptocurrencies and smart contracts) within your hot or cold virtual partitions.

Enroll to request the creation of a virtual deposit box; an offline repository for your encrypted data. Virtual deposit boxes can be segmented to support multiple wallets however we recommend one individual per virtual deposit box. These virtual deposit boxes are contained within the Crypto-Cellar and are an offline vault not accessible from the public Internet.

Once you have completed the development and defined the enrollment strategy you are ready to deploy. You have the choice to use our secure data centers for hosting the entire application or use your own solution. We collaborate with our partner’s data center facility of choice and help to create a deployment plan covering all aspects of standing up in a live environment. If you choose to host your own platform we will assist you in setting up the Crypto-VPN for secure access to the production environment.

The Crypto-Encrypt web service stores the encrypted data online or offline and due to its high level encryption the data is useless if stolen. The only way to decrypt the data is using the encryption keys that are stored in the Tamper Resistant Module (TRM). The keys are not controlled by one single individual; they are generated in parts and inserted into the TRM with up to five different key custodians. The key parts are generated and stored in separate physical vaults in our network operations center. The data and encryption components never leave our secure facility.



A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security making it extremely difficult to counterfeit. This secure medium for exchange operates independently from any central authority, rendering it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.


A decentralized arbitration systems where organizations have the ability to file a claim related to the smart contracts performance and get an unbiased judgment by several arbitrators. These arbitrators are randomly picked from a list of companies which have earned a good reputation using the platform and dealing with other participants on similar matters.

Vertical Segments

We create custom cryptotec, fintec & blockchain platforms

ICO Initial Coin Offerings
  • Coin strategy development
  • Coin inception & creation
  • Coin offering whitepaper
  • Miner recruiting & boarding
  • E-wallet customization
  • Technology platform development


  • Blockchain technology analysis
  • API framework construction
  • Enterprise integration
  • Encryption as a Service
  • IoT Track & Trace
  • Technology platform development


  • Compliance (AML / KYC)
  • Password recovery
  • Simple VPN deployment
  • Encryption as a Service
  • E-wallet development
  • Managed hosting servces

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